Bar volunteers

Bar Team

The bar team is accountable for the downstairs bar. The team is led by an Elliott board member, who is the Bar Team Chair (Ima Sammani), and further consists of a Human Resources Manager (Koen van der Blij), a Sales & Projects Manager (Anouk Ledeboer) and a significant number of bar volunteers. Together with PartyCo, the bar team makes sure that every Tuesday and Thursday, the students are provided with great themed parties to keep their lives animated. Next to the PartyCo parties, there is a lot of room for other events. Collaborations with societies and other student initiatives is our highest priority in organizing such events. For more information about these collaborations, send an email to [email protected].

Call for volunteers!

Like all the other Elliott facilities, the bar downstairs is run by volunteers. Without these volunteers, there would be no parties. Maintaining a high number of volunteers therefore is essential. Our bartenders will be elaborately trained at least once a year, and will also receive a fire hazard training to ensure that our students remain safe if there would ever be an emergency. Furthermore, the bartenders will meet up multiple times a semester to have a drink together and get to know each other in a different setting than whilst bartending. Are you interested in leveling up your bartending skills and contributing to making the parties amazing? Contact us at [email protected]!