Food team

Food team

Where there are students, food is needed: no great papers were ever written without the unavoidable munchies. For exactly this reason Elliott's Food Team came into being in August 2015. A team of well-trained volunteers started preparing sandwiches during lunch and this became a major success. Some students even admitted to not know how to survive without a Chilling Chicken sandwich every now and then. Besides the various sandwiches - which can be vegetarian, vegan and glutenfree as well - that are served every Monday to Saturday between 11:00 and 15:00, the Food Team also organises special dinner events. The Food Team consists of a Chair, Vice-Chair, Human Resources Manager, Sales & Projects Manager, Promotions Officer and many enthusiastic volunteers who do at least one two-hour lunch shift per week. The Food Team is also represented in the Elliott Board by its chair Renske de Vries.

Pre-order system

Tired of your class and not too eager to queue during lunch break? Wanting to sleep in and have a sandwich for breakfast right when you arrive to Elliott? Then order your sandwich in advance! Comment under the Facebook post of the day with the sandwich of your preference before 12:00 and pick up your pre-made sandwich between 13:00-13:45! Join the Elliott Lunch pre-order group on Facebook for more information.

Call for volunteers!

Do you have an affinity with food? Are you willing to learn and teach new cooking techniques to/from other team members? Are you dedicated and excited to contribute to our Common House Elliott and to feed (and be thanked by) 600 hungry students? Then become a Food Team volunteer! Not only will you gain some Horeca experience which might be useful in the future, but you will also receive eternal gratitude and fame on the Elliott volunteer wall.

If you have any questions and/or suggestions, or if you want to sign up as a Food Team volunteer, please send an email to [email protected]!