Nuisance reduction agreement

Nuisance reduction agreement (nra)

The nuisance reduction agreement is a set of rules prescribed by the municipality in relation to our permits. These rules were later exacted by the district court of Middelburg in their verdict of March 23, 2015 (Dutch only).

All visitors of the Common House are required to follow the house rules. These house rules dictate among other things that all visitors need to comply with the nuisance reduction agreement.

The rules set out in this agreement can be requested at the bar and found underneath.

  1. Visitors may enter and exit the premise only through the front door.
  2. Foundation will take sufficient action to ensure that no nuisance is created as the result of, for example, smoking students/visitors in the proximity of the Common House.
  3. Every head bartender is to be trained with a focus on Nuisance Reduction and responsible use of alcohol.
  4. The Foundation has to make use of a surveillance team in the neighbourhood of the premise, with as main focus the enforcing of the NRA and ensuring that students keep quiet and keep moving. This concerns the area consisting of the Lange Noordstraat, Hofplein, Achter Het Hofplein, Korte Noordstraat, Lambrechtsstraat, Sint Antheunisstraat, Blindenhoek, Lombartstraat, Latijnse Schoolstraat, Bachtensteene, Stadhuisstraat and Sint Sebastianstraat.
  5. A surveillance member has to be present at the exit of the premise, who also enforces the NRA and keeps students quiet and moving.
  6. A system shall be used through which only once per 10 minutes a group of students can leave the Common House. The surveillance team will guide students out of the proximity of the Common House.
  7. Visitors of the premise may not park bikes in front of or behind the Common House. Bikes are to be placed in the designated bicycle parkings next to Stadhuisstraat 2.
  8. A 'neighbourhood phone' has to be in use, by which the person responsible for each bar night can be reached.
  9. The Foundation participates in neighbourhood meetings.
  10. The Foundation will reach out to the neighbourhood at least once per quarter to evaluate the situation concerning disturbances and atmosphere in the neighblurood.
  11. The Foundation has to make sure that in case of violation of the house rules, the permits regulations, or any other misbehaviour in the premise or proximity of the Common House, suitable (disciplinary) action shall be taken.
  12. Alcohol will, in principle, only be served after 18:00.
  13. While alcohol is served, there has to be present: either a manager with a 'Sociale Hygiene'-certificate or a bartender with the mandatory responsible use of alcohol certificate.
  14. Bartenders shall a) be at least 18 years old, b) have a certificate displaying their completion of the responsible use of alcohol training, and c) be registered as such with the Foundation on a list.
  15. Alcohol can only be consumed in the designated areas of the Common House.
  16. Visitors displaying aggressive behaviour or other misbehaviour will be denied access by a manager or a bartender.
  17. Managers and bartenders may not drink alcohol during their shifts.
  18. The Common House shall not encourage games which (implicitly) stimulate the drinking of large quantities of alcohol.
  19. Consumption of non-alcoholic drinks is to be stimulated, amongst others by offering these drinks for a cheaper price than alcoholic drinks.
  20. The 'bestuursreglement' and the list of bartenders have to be on display in the Common House.