Board of trustees

Board of Trustees

The board of trustees consists of three to seven people. Together they should provide the Common House with an independent and multidisciplinary perspective on its daily routine. Through their diverse experise they are able to give advice and make well considered choices.

Elliott's board of trustees functions as a controlling organ over the daily board. All financial aspects are overlooked by the board of trustees. A financial expert therefore needs to be part of the Common House. Seeing as the Common House also focussed on hospitality, a the board of trustees needs to consist of a diverse group of people.

The members of the board of trustees have multiple tools to maintain a high quality of decision making by the daily board. The board of trustees need to, for example, approve all expenditures above €7500 and the signing of all contracts with a long duration. The board of trustees appoints the daily board.

From August 1 2016 onwards the board of trustees has six members. These members are Mr. Koos Scherphuis (chair), Ms. Anouk Daams, Mr. Tobias van Gent, Mr. Mark Kamphuis, Mr. Jonathan Seib and Mr. Danny van Wittene.